Sew Loving Life

My adventures in "making" – mostly sewing & quilting – and in traveling.


Hello! I’m Nikki, and welcome to my blog, where I try to record my current life adventures. These deal with “making” of all sorts – primarily sewing, quilting, cooking and even some woodworking  – and with traveling about with the “spousal unit” (aka “the Hubs”) and usually with the wacky dog, Silly Sophie. I think the title sums up my feelings pretty well.

Of course, if you are one of the circle of family and friends with whom I’ve shared the link to this blog; then you don’t really need this “About” page. You already know that one purpose of this blog is to allow me to talk to you about my adventures, and perhaps accomplishments, now that I’m retired.

If you don’t have a clue who I am, and just stumbled on this blog by accident, please feel free to look around! Maybe one of my projects will be interesting to you, or will have some technique or idea that is helpful. That is my hope, at any rate. If I’ve helped, leave me a comment and let me know; or ask a question about what I did, and I’ll do my best to answer.

As you’ve read, I’m retired, which naturally means I’m a bit on the older side of life. That also means, in my case, that I’m working like crazy to stuff as much fun into life as I can, while I still can. For me, that means going places and doing things. I’m not a great one for sitting still, or watching hours of television or movies, and even though I love reading, and can only do it for so long before I need to take a break and “do” something. (No, I am not ADHD, or any other kind of hyperactive. I’m just “normal” active – really.)

My professional life focused on supporting computers and software within a college. One thing that environment teaches a person is that life is change; constant, sometimes welcome, sometimes dreaded, sometimes overwhelming change. I quite liked that aspect of the IT world (“overwhelming” notwithstanding), and I’m really curious about the changes I’m going to experience over the remainder of my life. That is another reason for this blog.

I’m keeping a brief record of some of the things I do and experience, so that I’ll be able to see the change when I look back at this blog. If not for that goal, I could just share these projects and adventures with family and friends through Facebook or Google+ or any of the other “social media”. That just isn’t enough for me. I need to be able to comment on things, and to reflect on “life, the universe and everything”* as it is experienced through doing creative things and going places; therefore this blog.

So, family, friend or total stranger: Welcome. I hope the projects and adventures are at least entertaining to you. If you have reflections on my reflections, please feel free to use the comment feature. Thinking improves with sharing. And thanks for stopping by.

*Extra points to anyone who knows the source for that reference. You are either also on the older side of life, or a reader of uncommon breadth. Either way, you deserve extra credit.