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Life at the Lake

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It has been a long time since the last post, and a lot has been happening. Have I taken photos to record all of that activity? Nope! Still, the biggest happening is that we have purchased a “camp” on Lake Ontario, and I do have a few photos of that. Come see where I’m living this summer…

Yes, this is the view out my front window, IF I manage to get up at about 5:00 AM! Not my usual time of day for being awake, but the first couple of days here both I and Sophie, our dog, were too excited to settle into a proper sleep, therefore, pictures of almost dawn!

Geese on the lawn
Our Neighbors at the Lake

There are hundreds of Canadian Geese up here. This picture doesn’t begin to hint at all the geese that came browsing on our lawn; and this is before the young goslings were out and about. Anyone who has direct experience of geese can already imagine what the lawn looked like after these geese ate their fill. One doesn’t walk barefoot on this lawn!

We have a mix of water craft: kayaks, a small canoe and a couple of sailboats. My favorite is my little light green kayak. It gives me such a sense of independence, and helps me sneak up on wildlife, like a doe and fawn at the water’s edge. Larry’s kayak, which is colored in standard green camouflage, is specially designed for fishing, which is his whole purpose for kayaking at all.

Those strange steel bars sticking out towards the kayaks at our “launch ramp” are the ends of a rail system for pulling boats in and out of the water. The tracks get pulled out of the lake every fall, and we just haven’t gotten around to getting them back in this year. I believe some repairs need to be made to the ramp and the rails before we do that.

Of course, we have to have a fire pit, and ours is a very traditional big rig tire rim. I don’t remember where Larry got it, but I’m sure it was free. Sitting on some bricks in the lawn, it works wonderfully!

A Misty Morning

The name of our little neighborhood is “Windy Acres”, and the place lives up to the name. Somehow I haven’t taken any pictures of the lake while the wind is blowing, which is most of the time. We can get some sizable white caps here, even though we are in Chaumont Bay, a fairly protected bay off the main lake.

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