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Make 9 in 2018


History suggests that I am not by nature a social media junky. Oh sure, I have a Facebook account, as well as one on Instagram, and Twitter and Pinterest. But having accounts doesn’t mean much. There is the issue of behavior: am I really being “social”, or am I “lurking”. A quick check of my posts in any of these accounts shows that I am not really being social. In fact, I’m not even a good “lurker”. I actually read my Facebook feed once a week or so, and post once a month or so. Instagram is even less well used, although it is great for the spur of the moment “pic post” to Facebook. As for Twitter – I don’t even look at any of my Twitter readers. Given that evidence, it’s probably not a surprise that I haven’t written a blog post since we got back from Alaska.

I am going to try again, though, and the topic that has inspired me to post is #2018MakeNine Challenge.
You can learn all about this challenge and its history at Lucky Lucille, a blog by Rochelle New. I love the fact that it is a “gentle challenge” – a challenge to make a flexible, realistic commitment to 9 self-made projects for the coming year. Not a challenge to feel bad about yourself when life gets wonky and you fall behind, but a challenge to remind yourself of your making priorities; to help keep you on track and to remind you of what you love doing.

No one needs this sort of challenge more than I do. Why, you may ask? (Or not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) I need to decide on 9 projects, just 9 projects, that I WILL get done this year. Not because I’m too lazy to work on them, and need a goad to push me to work. No, it is because I have too freaking many ideas for projects, and I really, really need to prioritize.  Just to make this clear, I made myself a “project and fabric inventory” Google spreadsheet as part of my “clean up the sewing room” binge last September. Here are some screen shots from that spreadsheet’s tabs:

A spreadsheet from Google showing a project list with stages of completion for each project.

Quilt Project – Full Range B to Q

Note that the above list of 16 different projects covers only quilting projects. Do I stop at quilting projects? Oh no, not me! Below is my list of garment sewing projects. These are clothing projects for which I have either the pattern or the fabric, and in most cases, both. There are only 12 of these so far.

Google spreadsheet showing list of garment sewing projects.

Garment Project List – B to M

I also have a spreadsheet of “Other Sewing Projects” which covers everything from home decor to fashion accessories. It is much smaller than these two, thank heavens.

However, my making mania doesn’t stop with sewing, no siree bob! (My Dad used to say that, and I still don’t know why.) No, I also having knitting and crochet projects, for those moments when I’m too tired to sew, I guess.* Crazier yet, I only took up knitting this past fall, for reasons unknown. Perhaps I felt one yarn related hobby was too limiting.

So I am really ready for the #2018MakeNine challenge. I need all the help I can get to focus, focus, focus. All I have to do is select 9 projects. No, I haven’t managed that yet, but I am working on it. So far, I believe I want to finish the:

  1. Tealeaf Cardigan sweater (knitting),
  2. 30 Day Sweater Challenge Henley sweater (knitting),
  3. Tree Leaf Filigree Tunic (crochet),
  4. Cat Cross quilt for my son,
  5. Cushion covers for the fireplace hearth cushions
  6. Valences for the living room windows
  7. At least 1 well fitted bra

So, just 2 more slots open. Which of my many projects should I put into those 2 slots? I don’t know yet, but I need to make a commitment soon. And yes, I said finish – The first 4 projects were started last fall. Maybe that’s cheating, but hey, this is a “gentle challenge”. I’m using it to help me set priorities and focus my efforts.

*I am very addicted to “audio books” – I doubt this statement needs further explanation.

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I'm an "old retired lady" working hard at learning how to play. Fabric is my favorite toy, followed closely by food, and our RV.

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