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Chilkoot Lake Camp


Larry has a great preference for state or provincial parks as camping places. He wants to be surrounded by nature, and far away from busy thoroughfares. This hasn’t always been possible this trip, but here outside of Haines, Alaska there was no problem. Chilkoot Lake Campground is right on the lake. There are no services here, except for pit toilets and one potable water pump near the boat launch. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that the park is only half full, even in July. A pity, too, as the scenery is idyllic. Hopefully, the following pics of our campsite will reflect this. 

Above is a shot of the trail from our campsite to the lake. 

Here you see the almost clearing where the table and fireplace are. 

Another shot of the clearing, taken from just outside the trailer. 

And just for completeness, a shot of the trailer, taken from the head of the trail to the lake. 

We are camping here while visiting Haines, AK. We arrived on Sunday, and most of the town was closed, but we got a look at some great murals, shown below. 

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I'm an "old retired lady" working hard at learning how to play. Fabric is my favorite toy, followed closely by food, and our RV.

3 thoughts on “Chilkoot Lake Camp

  1. Hmmm, a pit toilet? The scenery is beautiful.


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