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More photos from the trip…

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My last post left off in Nashville, TN, visiting one of my sisters. This post will continue from there, with a few photos from some of the places we’ve seen.

Sunday, June 11:

Nashville, TN to Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, IL via Paducah, KY

We had a brief stop over in Paducah because I wanted to visit the National Quilt Museum there.

Outside National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY

Horse & carriage in downtown Paducah, KY.

They prohibit all forms of photo and video recording there, so the best I can do is to give the link to their website, which has a lot of good information and some photos as well. If you are into fabric or art at all, it is well worth clicking through to see what you can. Meanwhile, a photo from downtown Paducah, KY.



Monday, June 12:

Wayne Fitzgerrell SP, IL to Pershing State Park, MO via St. Louis

The idea was to stop at the Gateway Arch, and to visit the Budweiser Barns (yes, the barns) on our way through St. Louis. Regrettably, no matter how hard we tried (and we tried at least 3 times) we couldn’t find a way to the park that would accommodate our rig. Larry went a bit nuts trying to find his way through downtown St. Louis with a GMS Yukon and a 25′ trailer. Even our special “RV Aware” GPS from Garmin failed us in this situation. Given the amount of road construction underway in the area we traversed, perhaps it is not surprising that the GPS kept telling us to turn down a road that seemed to no longer exist.

Finally, we gave up, found our way to the Budweiser buildings, and had lunch. Larry and Owen went on the free tour as far as the horse barns, while I went to the car to keep Sophie (our dog) and Geppetto (Owen’s cat) company. The food was good, and the horse barns unusual (they are brick & they have a chandelier). The big horses, which is what the guys really wanted to see, were not much in evidence. We don’t recommend trying to take RVs, especially not travel trailers, through downtown St. Louis. Still, it was a good lunch.

No pictures here. I tend not to take pictures while deep in problem solving our navigation. Larry may have photos from the barns, but I haven’t accessed any of them yet.

Tuesday, June 13:

Pershing State Park, MO to Brown’s Lake State Park, IA via Hamilton, MO

Hamilton, MO is another one of those stops just for me. It is the home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company, which is a quilt shop on steroids! They have something like 5 different shops, each with its own theme – a fabric lover’s paradise! Hamilton is also the birthplace of the J.C. Penny company, and one of the quilt shops is in his original store. The folks at MSQC are pretty proud of their hometown, and it shows in what they have done to the “main drag”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We did have a bit of excitement at the Brown’s Lake State Park. It is a lovely, small park with only about 20 RV sites, and one big concrete block restroom and shower building. The restrooms have a very large “entry hall”, you might say. In truth, it is the campgrounds tornado shelter, and we did have occasion to use it as a large thunderstorm with high winds was kicking up tornados in the area. In the end, none of the tornados came our way, but it is nice to know these events are planned for, even in campgrounds.

Wednesday, June 14:

Brown’s Lake State Park, IA to Chamberlain, SD

This was just one long slog, with the objective of being well place to tour the Badlands National Park. Therefore, moving on:

Thursday, June 15:

Chamberlain, SD to Rapid City, SD via Badlands National Park and Wall, SD

The Badlands are just plain big, and a bit scary, really. One could so easily get lost walking about down in the Badlands. But they are awe-inspiring to look at. My photography can’t do it justice, but I’ll share what I have anyway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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