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Our “North to Alaska” Trek

… the Early Days

So here we are 18 days into our great “trip to Alaska” adventure, and here I am putting up my first blog post. That was not the plan. As with everything else in life, there are a number of different factors that have contributed to this delay, but the primary factor was lack of internet access.

Yes, it is true: even in these modern days, even at the most commercial, amenity-packed RV parks, internet access sufficient for uploading text and photos in less than two hours is most notable by its absence. It is clear that spending my entire working life in educational settings has spoiled me. Nevertheless, I am persisting in the writing and search for adequate public access, and will add posts as frequently as I can.

Right now, we are at Triple G’s Hideaway RV Park in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. What follows is the beginning of our timeline thus far, with a few illustrative photos. My next post will continue the timeline.

Monday, June 5, 2017: Left Rome, NY; arrived at Manassas, VA

We started the trip heading south, for Douglas, Ga, to be precise, because that is where our camper had been stored for the winter. Larry’s sister had space for it at her greenhouse location. We stopped in Manassa to spend the evening with some old friends, and went to lunch at a nice little sandwich shop in downtown Manassas.

June 6, 2017: Lunch, Manassas, VA

Our friends, Jill and Carl, with Larry and Owen, on the sandwich shop deck.

The real Owen

The “real” Owen: He uses that phone for everything, from reading books to chatting with friends.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017: Left Manassas, VA; arrived at Dillon, SC

This was just a quick stop on our way to Douglas, GA. We got in a bit late, due to our afternoon start, and just grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby chain “chicken” fast food vendor. Arguably the worst chicken and fries we have ever eaten, Ah well…

Wednesday, June 7, 2017: Left Dillon, SC; arrived at Douglas, GA

A little bit of history here: We left Rome at the end of a cold and rainy week, in the midst of more rain. There was nice sunshine in Manassas, but as we drove south, it began to be overcast, again. Larry was sure we were going to drive out of it as we proceeded further south and west to Douglas. He was right, we did drive out of it, and then right back into it. Thus, we arrived Wednesday evening in Douglas, GA in a steady drizzle, which apparently was the first rain they had seen in days.

Thursday, June 8, 2017: Left Douglas, GA; arrived Fort Mountain State Park, GA

I arranged a stay at this location because: 1) Larry much, much prefers camping in national and state parks. He likes the ambiance – I like electricity and hot showers; usually this works out. And 2) because every other state park along our route was already booked up. The park is a bit off the beaten path, but is worth the effort (and the showers are just fine, in case you care ;-). The park gets its name from the mysterious rock wall that has been built across the summit. No one has yet determined who built it or why. That alone makes it worth a look.

The Fort Mountain Wall, June 2017

A view along part of the 835 feet of piled rock wall

It is hard to tell in the above photo, but the wall is about 5 feet wide at the base, and about 4 feet high overall.This is just one curve along the length. Archeologists, historians and other specialists have been investigating the wall, but no one has figured out who put it here, or why.

Friday, June 9, 2017: Left Fort Mountain State Park, GA; arrived in Nashville, TN

We stayed in a “Jellystone” RV park here, partly because it was the only park we could get into. Our intent was to spend a day with my sister Melody, but we had overlooked the Country Music Awards and another music festival were both happening this same weekend. Oops-oh! This was also our first experience with RV park “high speed” wifi – we couldn’t even get on the network!

Stay tuned… More to come, hopefully sooner than the next 18 days!